Fleming has a long and proud history in the Botswana financial services sector and is the only majority Botswana owned, managed and primarily Botswana staffed asset manager in the country. Accordingly it supports an active program to develop local talent and Fleming encourages each of its employees to participate in structured investment management related training programs in support of the development of fund management expertise among its employees.
Fleming has made a significant investment in IT infrastructure, world class software and human capital in order to safeguard client assets and ensure accurate and detailed reporting.

Fleming has implemented APX (Advent Portfolio Exchange), a highly esteemed portfolio management, accounting, performance and reporting software system and Fleming is one of the first asset management businesses to implement this portfolio management system in Southern Africa.

Fleming has a full financial accounting capability and maintains a set of accounts for all funds under management.
• We respect the culture and mores of all people amongst whom we live and work at home and abroad
• We promote the sharing of knowledge, understanding and the transfer and enhancement of skills
• We actively support professional development for staff
• We support the general education and advancement of literacy programmes for our youth
• We actively support sport initiatives and wellness programmes for our people and the community
• We actively support environmental care and policy initiatives

We believe in “Mens sana in corpore sano” *(Healthy body healthy mind), setting the standard for wellness in the work environment.